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Studio Socials

various animations for social media
Designed, Directed & Produced by Art&Graft

International Ukulele Day
character animation

International Croissant Day
character animation

Summer Solstice 2019
design & character animation

Bonfire Night 2019
design, cleanup & compositing

Earth Day 2019
all aspects

Art&Graft Christmas Card 2019
character animation


storyboards, styleframe development, character design 
Designed, Directed & Produced by Art&Graft

For the annual CES event in Las Vegas, we created a film to showcase Flex's strong brand innovations with a globetrotting journey that charts their technological achievements.

Here is some storyboards and character development for the project.


story development, storyboard, animation

My graduation film from the Animation Workshop, 2018.

Alongside a team of CG artists and animators and under the direction of Katarina Lundquist, I helped develop the story of the film, and worked on the storyboards and the animation. It was a joy to work on this film based on Norvegian folklore and traditions, from the giant Trolls of fairytales to the charming stop-motion of Ivo Caprino.

The film went on to win multiple awards, and got nominated to many festivals around the world.

Below, some selected storyboard panels.

Full credits list :
Katarina Lundquist - Director / Lighting Artist / Compositor
Mihaela Buzgan - Animator / Designer / Production Manager
Maria Kruse - Art Director / Painter / CG Artist
Simone Linn Skorstad - Animation Lead / Animator
Irmak Semiz - Technical Director / CG Artist
Astrid Brix Torø - Pipeline Manager / CG Artist / Lighting Artist
Régis Marion - Character Designer / Animator
Teoman Cardel - Environment Lead / Painter / CG Artist
Mario Stefan Grosu - Animation TD / Animator
Alexander Jensen - Modeler / CG Artist
Ingvild Marie Methi - Story Consultant
Kim Strandli - Pipeline TD / Render Wrangler

Moon Loves Honey - Lonely Day

music video commission, 2018

Direction, storyboard, design and animation on a music video for the danish band Moon Loves Honey.

I am very grateful to have been contacted by the dreampop band Moon Loves Honey to create a music video for their single “Lonely Day”.
They gave me free rein on the interpretation of the song. 

Here is some modelsheets I designed for the animation team.